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What can make you happy? Do what you want to, eat all the delicious food, or travel around the world? Actually, the demand of people is really not so high. A joke can make people laugh for a long time. Only a little thing can make people happy. Now the work and life pressure are so high. It is a good way for people to relax by playing games online in the spare time. It will be the best if the game can make people happy, when they kill their boring time online. Actually,there are happy games considerate the designers are! They consider the need of players thoroughly. Now please allow me to introduce some information about the happy categories of happy games are diverse. But all the happy games have a common ground that their purpose is give people joy. This point decides that the games will be much more interesting than others.
As we all know that the common cooking games just the imitation of reality. Your task is do as what the computer shows. At the same time ,these games usually do the dish which is home cooking. In order to creative more interesting games and attract more people’s attention, the designer make a great improvement. Although they are still cooking games, they break with the tradition. You task also cook food. But I can make sure that you never eat these dishes in reality. The design of these dishes much more beautiful and creative. Their shape are various and their appearance maybe beautiful, maybe ugly and maybe funny. Here you can let your imagination run wild. If you think cook a dish is a little bit of complex, you can play the decoration games directly. I must tell you that you must change your thought. Here beauty is not the only standard. It is not necessary to feel strange if you find a game demands you to decorate a dish ugly. If you have ever been played girl games, you must be familiar with the makeup games.
Traditional makeup games just ask you apply an eye shadow, eye-line and lip paints. But here your mission is to change. Don’t forget that the mission of happy games is give you joy. Now I will give you an example. In some happy games, you will meet an ugly leading role. You mission is to make her look beautiful. You have to start from the face cleaning. Even you have to do facial treatment for her. When you do all these well, you can begin to do other steps. When you finish,there must be a big surprise for you. When you see the change of the girl, you must be will feel a sense of achievement. There are games of innovation of tradition. It is a kingdom of creative and also Happy Games is a king’s point of amusement. If you are happy, you should come here play happy games. If you are not so happy, you also need to its help. Happy games, the king’s point of amusement.

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