Learn How To Play Rummy

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Rummy is one of the most popular card games of all time and the main reason behind this is the rummy game rules which are so easy to understand and interesting to play. Online rummy is the same as conventional rummy with an advantage that one will always have someone to play with.
All the information about online rummy game rules will be provided on a rummy site which might get you familiar with the online version of the game. But how to play rummy? To play a game of rummy, a minimum of two players are required to get the game started. If two, three or four players are playing on one table, then two decks of cards are used with each deck containing a pack of 52 cards. For five to six players, three decks of cards are used.
Now with the basic rules absolutely clear, one can now learn how to play rummy actually. Each player is dealt with 13 cards each in a 13 card online rummy. Which is the most popular rummy game among all its variants. The winner of the rummy game is decided on the basis of two criteria with one being the need of making a pure sequence and the second being the need of making an impure sequence. A pure sequence can be made of three or four cards and the word ‘pure’ implies that the cards forming a sequence should be of the same suit. Also, neither the printed joker nor the cut joker can be used in the formation of a pure sequence because the sequence to be formed has to be pure.
The second mandatory condition is the need to form an impure sequence of three, four or five cards, with the word ‘impure’ implying that the cards forming a sequence can either be of the same suit or can be of different suits. In the formation of an impure sequence, the printed joker and the cut joker can be used. With these two mandatory conditions fulfilled, the winner of the game can be easily decided. In the game of the player’s rank is inversely dependent on the number of points in the game such that the fewer the number of points, the better is the player’s rank.
With all these rules properly understood, playing the game of rummy online can be highly entertaining as well as profitable for those who decide to play for money, influenced by the charm of this highly interesting game.

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