Angry Bird Rio Review

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Have you watched the most famous Animated Movie “Rio”? If yes then the next thing to do is to play Angry Bird Rio which is fully based on this movie. Just like movie, this game has become very popular among the youngsters and children. Even the people from other age group like to play this version of game. Rovio Mobile noticed a boost in the earning of this game just after the launch of Rio version.
Angry Birds Rio theme and graphics are somewhat similar to Rio Movie. This game is set in Rio DE Janean- the most wonderful city. I really liked the interface and overall design of game. It is different from original angry birds because you will not find green pigs in it. The pigs are replaced with the monkeys and Nigel, the main enemy of birds.
In the beginning of Rio, you will have to free the animals that are kept in the cage. The cage is covered with woods and materials. Birds have to put their full effort in freeing the animals. The birds have to find out their two friends called Blu and Jewel. You should try to cross the level in a clever way and in such a manner that you get the five stars rating at the end. You will see a variety of special fruits such as pineapples and bananas throughout the levels and if you get them then it will be great achievement for you. At the end of this game you will be able to see the Game Centre leader boards that offers you a highlight of your achievements and efforts.
There are two versions of Angry birds Rio: one is free and second is paid. It is a fact that free version comes with limited levels and excitements as compared to paid one. However, if you can’t afford the little fee then of course it would be a great fun for you to play free version. For your information, free version includes 12 levels and 15 Rio Golden Beach Ball levels, four episodes and a number of achievements. As far as paid version of angry bird is concerned, it has the same plot just like free versions however there is extra fun available for the players in the form of 135 new levels, new achievements, special fruits and boss fights with Nigel. Do not wait anymore, just go and play free or paid version of Angry Birds Rio right now.

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