How to Win Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire gained popularity by being included with early versions of the Windows operating system that comes on most PCs. It’s one of those perennially addictive solitaire games that are great for a short break. Having said that it’s a tricky card game to win! However with a few hints and tips you’ll find yourself winning many more rounds of the game. Do remember like all solitaire games, there is still a large element of luck as you can’t control the deal of the cards.
Spider Solitaire Rules
First things first, I’ll give you a complete run down of the rules. Most of you are probably well versed in the game, so don’t hesitate if you want to move further into the article and get those tips.
Set-up- Two standard decks of cards with all wild cards taken out.- Deal the cards into 10 columns. The first 4 columns consist of 6 cards with the all cards except the bottom card face down. The last six columns consist of 5 cards with all cards except the bottom card face down.- Remaining cards can be used when you can’t make a move or feel that any valid moves available aren’t going to help you.
GoalTry to remove all the cards from game. Group cards together in collections of 13, with each collection in suit descending from King to Ace. A complete collection like that can be removed. Once all those collections of cards are removed you have won.
Rules- You can move any single card onto a card that is one higher than the current card you are moving. For example you can move a 7 onto an 8.- You can move a collection of cards, as long as that collection is in descending order and in suit onto any card that is one higher. For example you can move a 7, 6 and 5 of clubs onto any 8.- You can move a single card or a valid collection of cards onto an empty column.- Obviously if a card that is face down is uncovered, you can turn it over.- You can deal out any remaining cards in groups of 10, one onto each column at any point in the game as long as each column has at least one card in it.
Win Spider Solitaire
So here is the important bit, how to win spider solitaire?
My only assumption is that you are playing on the computer with a version that features an undo, as it allows you to backtrack which frankly is pretty important.
– Make the effort to look under each face down card that you can reach by opening them up with a move. See if these show any more decent move opportunities for you.- Wherever possible and where it doesn’t damage the amount of moves available to you start building up those collections of cards in their own suit. It’s not as important at the start of the game, often you should be looking to open up the cards at the beginning but as the game progresses it is imperative.- If you can, do try and open up at least to columns so you can move as many cards around as possible to put them in their suits. After you’ve done that, then use the columns to open more cards up.- Kings are the big difficult to move card of the game. You can’t ever place them onto other cards, only empty columns. So early on the in the game, consider leaving them where they are because once they are on a column that column can never be freed up again until you have the complete collection of 13 cards that you can remove from the game.- When starting a game or after a deal of the 10 cards, it’s usually best to move around higher cards before you move lower cards. Of course you’ll need to balance that with any moves that you find when looking under cards before undoing.
I hope this guide is everything you need to help you win spider solitaire more often.

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