Action Compulsive Gambler And Escape Compulsive Gambler – Here's How!

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It is the general belief that all addictions stem out of the need for seeking pleasure. This is a mistaken notion as many a time addiction is sought out by people who want to repress or forget a traumatic even or pain. Compulsive gambling is considered to be a hidden illness and as per the definition of American Psychological Association it is a “mental health disorder of impulse control”. This is an illness which is very insidious and hard to find out the physical signs or symptoms and that is why it is called a hidden illness. With the passage of time it creates problem at various levels which affects the person psychologically, physically, socially with ramifications at their jobs. But there is a silver lining to that if detected as it is a disorder which can be treated and cured.
The term action gambling has been coined because the person who is addicted to this kind of addictive gambling is high on taking risks. A heroin addict is someone who gets caught up in the process of shooting up and is very much akin to a person who gets his kicks out the of thrill and action that gambling gets him. The person is very much euphoric during the thought process, planning or actually playing the game. Action gambler is a person who wants to be seen as a winner and hence likes to gamble in groups or with other people as it is very important for him to be recognized by his so called “peers” as a person who is able to win. Men are seen to be more prone to action gambling and are more often categorized as action gamblers. This is an illness that takes its grip on people as teenagers and won’t let go till the person has lost their fortune or is detected with the problem and treated. These people are highly intelligent with a high IQ and like to play games which are skill oriented such as poker, blackjack, other card games, sports betting, dice games, all in all where there are other people involved who they can play with. They are people who have a high self esteem, are outgoing, domineering, narcissistic, but contradictory to that have low self esteem and eventually become liars.
Escape gamblers as the very term denotes are a section of people who want to run away from something in their life which causes them pain both mental and physical. What these people are looking for is not the rush of adrenalin but the numbing effect of a depressant and in that they are very much different to action gamblers. They do not like to “hunt in packs” or play these games with or around other people because they want to be left alone and just pay attention to numb the pain that they are feeling. The sex which is more prone to this problem of escape gambling is the female. An escape gambler’s profile would show the person to have taken up this habit late in life i.e. after achieving an age of 30 or more. They play games which involve the luck factor and do not require any skill such as slot machines, video poker, bingo, and other machine or online games. They are the kind of people who are introverts, quiet, manipulative, and are the kind of people that most people would count on to be responsible. They have often been victims of abuse, who avoid confrontation at all times, and desperately are seeking empowerment. They want to retreat into these games where emotionally and physically they become numb. They too have low self esteem and eventually become liars.

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