History of the Lottery

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The history of the lottery can be traced to as far back as the early biblical times of Moses. When the children of Israel were being allocated land, they drew lots to see what clan would go where. However, that notwithstanding, modern lottery perhaps has its roots in China where Emperor Cheung Leung of the Hun dynasty used the lottery to raise money to build the historical wall of China. This game evolved to modern day Keno.
In Europe, a clear account of the lottery can be traced to as far back as 1446 when a popular painter Jack Van Eyck held a raffle where his paintings were won. This is the first recorded lottery in Europe. In the following years, in 1465, lotteries were used in Belgium to raise money to build houses for the poor people of the villages. While it is suspected that the European lottery has its roots as far back as the times of Julius Caesar, there is little documented account for the same. The lotteries in Rome were aimed at raising money to recondition Rome.
The best place to start tracing the history of the modern lottery games would be in Genoa Italy where in 1515, during an election for public office, something had gone wrong and it was decided that numbers would be used instead of names. Just as the name lotto means predestination in Italian, the choice of the officials was determined by pure chance.
In England, the first lottery was commissioned by the Queen in 1566. The objective of this lottery was to help raise money for the defending the kingdom. The fame of this new method of raising money through the lotteries grew until later on, this new method was adopted for almost all public and private organizations. Later on, the Dutch lottery was also commissioned. However, it is not until the formation of the USA that the lotto games spread all over the world and from them, the modern lottery games have emerged. In the 1800, the lottery games were very popular in Italy.
In the US, lotteries took root well after the constitution was enacted. It helped in the establishment of Universities and in fact, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and others owe their founding to funds from lotteries. In addition, the lotteries were used to pay for more establishments. The success of the Lottery games in the US in the early days cannot be ignored but later on, the lotto games were banned in many states, ending a very successful era in 1820 after several churches and civil organizations came up demanding social reform. In Europe, lottery games have become more established and today, the Eurojackpot has taken the UK by storm. Every year, millions of Euros are won in the Euro Millions Super Draws.

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