Secret Kingdom, DDTank

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After a day’s work, how do you relax yourself? Date with your friend or stay at home/ At weekend, when your friends go out with their lovers, if you are single, how do you spend your weekend? For boys, I believe that most of them will play online games such as WOW. But how about girls? Go out for shopping or stay at home for sleeping? Boys have their WOW. Girls also should have their special world like WOW. Do you have your own special world? If not, I strongly recommend DDTank for you.
DDTank is a cute multi-player online casual browser game. It is not necessary for players to download and they just login and play. DDTank has already attracted many females for its cute and lovely images, fantsy scenery, and various fashionable suits. It also gain some males’ attention for its superb special effects,skillful contest and interesting props system. The characters are in cartoon style. Players can select suits for their cartoon images freely. There are background music and sound effects in battle. Different weapons have different attack effects. Relaxing music combing with funny sound effects makes the game more lovable.
Furthermore, players can compete with different players. The simple keyboard operation makes interaction and PvP easier so that players can enjoy the excitement and fun. After login, you need to choose the game area. There are eight game areas such as Eden Garden, Babylon Garden and Shadow Castle. After you entering the game area, you need to choose the gender for your character and give him or her a name. At the really beginning, you will fight under the guidance of system. When you finish a task you will get a reward. As a freshman you can not take part in the group You only can fight with other person. If you win you will get reward and if you lose you will not get any reward.
When you fight , you can control your power. If your power is too lower or high, you will can not hit your enemies. After getting reward, you can dress yourself up. If you still want to fight with others, you can enter into the game house. Except fighting, you also can do some other things. In this beautiful land, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Weapon is a important factor which can influence the battle. If you have more advanced, you will win the battle easily, so it is necessary for you to upgrade your weapons. If you wan to upgrade your weapon, you can visit armory castle. There are uncountable advanced weapons and if you have enough money, you can buy any advanced weapons. It is the nature that girls love the beauty, so shopping is essential part for their daily life. Girls can visit shop to buy some fashion dresses and change their hairstyle. If you feel that you are lonely communication castle is the best place for you. Here You can communicate with other and find a lover for you.
This cute multi-player on-line casual browser game can bring different game experience. The beautiful scenery cute images and superb special effects can make you enjoy the fun of playing game thoroughly. It is a secret place and only experience, can you find it. Do you curious about it? Playing DDTank right now.

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