SWTOR Class Guide – Jedi Consular PART 1

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Welcome to the IGE SWTOR class guide for the Jedi consular, teaching you the basics of this martial mediator.
Star Wars: The Old Republic thrusts you deep into the famed Star Wars universe, allowing players to control a wide variety of classes usually only seen in the expanded universe of comics and books, or just hinted at in the movies. One such class is the Jedi Consular.
The Jedi Consular is essentially the Republic negotiator or diplomat, especially prevalent during the days of conflict with the Sith, and is best represented by famed Jedi Master, Yoda.
As you might imagine, the Jedi Consular class knows how to use the Force to kick Sith butt, but true to their representation on film, they are also very intelligent, thoughtful, and diplomatic, with the Force beatdown reserved as a last resort.
The Jedi Consular uses a double-sided lightsaber to launch quick combo attacks that decimate enemies. They wear little armor because for defense they rely on their ability to repel all objects using either their lightsaber or Force powers. Players must master their intense, rapid-speed attacks if they want to survive in the more combat-intensive portions of the game, like PvP Warzones and raid Operations.
The Jedi Consular is also a cunning strategist and stealth fighter. He or she can pick up a large boulder with the Force and throw it at the enemy from a safe hiding spot, or an advantageous position. Basic abilities of the class include the ability to heal, pull enemies, slam them, blow them away with a force wave, self heal and even confuse the enemies.
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Because of their considerable talents, the Jedi Consular is a hybrid class that is capable of taking on any of the three class roles – healer, tank or damage dealer. The choice will be made once your Jedi Consular graduates to level 10 and is allowed to choose between two advanced classes – the more support-oriented Jedi Sage, or the cloaked marauder known as the Jedi Shadow.

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