An Online Rummy Guide For Newcomers!

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We believe that the game of rummy, especially the Indian version is so popular that there may not be many people who do not know this game. If in case they have not played the game, the chances are that they would have heard of it or at least observed it being played. This is a guide for those people who have thought of playing but have not done so for one reason or another.
Since the move of Indian rummy games to the online world has taken place in a very swift and seamless manner, we feel that this guide should be more towards joining to play online rummy rather than the physical version. In any case the rules of the game differ very little between the two. The reason we feel that this guide should be for Rummy Online Games are given below:
Now that we have established that the online rummy version of the game is indeed the version of the future, here is a simple guide to getting started:
Step 1: Look for websites that host 13 cards rummy. This is a very easy step as the information is easily available online. A few minutes spent on looking through each site should give you an idea on what they provide and whether it will match your expectations.
Step 2: Evaluate the sites on points like ease of playing, security, friendly & helpful support and offers for playing. Again this phase can be easily researched. You can read through the testimonials and the feedback that is available online
Step 3: Registering to start playing. This needs an Email Id for which you have total access. Once again a very basic process. Registration is free and always stress-free. Once you have completed this process you will have access to more information and several free incentives that the hosting entity may provide.
Step 4: Learn the rules of the game. You can do this by browsing through the rules given on the site and playing free games. This is an interesting and foolproof way of learning the rules. The more you play and the more variants you try, the better acquainted with the rules you will become.
Step 5: Earn by playing free games. There are many options on good sites that allow you to do this. Check them out and capitalize on these options. You can use free chips given by the games site to play free games and collect more. In several cases you can redeem these for cash
Step 6: Play with cash and win cash & other rewards. You can simply subscribe to the blog or newsletter to keep yourself updated, to be notified of the latest offers. You need to explore the banking options to ensure smoother transactions. You also need to understand the kind of bonuses you can get while depositing cash. Always be alert about the latest Coupon Codes to enhance the bonus you can get on your purchases.

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