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We have reached that stage of civilization where as human beings, besides competing against one another in various aspects in the real world, also like to compete with one another in the virtual world of video gaming. With the advent of Facebook, the video gaming spectrum has manifested itself into newer unchartered territory “Social Gaming” on social networking sites. The platforms allow users to interact with one another and share their game play in order to rise up the gaming levels. Until now the main theme of social gaming has been to complete the more or less the same missions over and over again, which has lead to widespread criticism about monotonous game mechanics. With that in mind, Rise Up Labs Ltd. is attempting to banish the general notion of social gaming with its upcoming new game designed for Facebook- “Factory Project”. For the first time ever, the social game will induct a specific beginning and a specific ending, incorporating several unique interactive levels on the way. The player will have to battle several different scenarios as he progresses further on in the game.
The game may in fact be set to redefine social gaming forever, ahead of its much anticipated release. So, having said that, what is the game about? Factory project is about the journey of a young individual who starts his/her life (depending on which one of the two characters the player chooses) with nearly nothing, except for a piece of land, a thousand dollars and a faithful friend in the form of the inherited family cow – MOO. Moo, the adorable cow accompanies the player in the struggle to become a prominent businessman. Hard work, ingenuity and business instincts will determine the level of success. Climbing the ladder to accomplishment will not be an easy task however. The player will have to master different industries, manage his money well, borrow from the bank wisely and play the stock market with a poker face. Only then will the player become a successful business person and achieve his goal to become a multi-millionaire. Ever dreamed of becoming the richest and most popular person in the world from nothing? Then this game is just for you!
The game will be available worldwide to Facebook users from the 15th of April 2012 onwards.Visit to know more about the game and also follow for regular updates.

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