Why RuneScape Has The Largest Online Gaming Community

Online Gaming

When it comes to playing games, whether it be on consoles or on your PC, there is always a sense that you want more from the game. Since the beginning of time, competition has always been in humans minds, we always look to beat components, whether that be in score or physically beat them at something. The two have been combined since the world of gaming came around, as competition in gaming is now huge. You can beat friends scores, or you can physically beat them in game play itself, the fact is, competition is everywhere you look in the games industry. But it has only really come available in recent years where competition has been taken to the next level, and in some cases, the opposite has come from this, partnerships have been formed, and even teams. A whole new era of gaming has evolved, and it has come in the form of gaming communities.

Gaming communities are something completely different and unique, they offer something new to the very saturated gaming industry. They offer social networking, which usually contains talk of the game that the players are part of. The chat option is incredible, as it allows people to team up on opponents, give advice, get better and improve on certain skills no matter what game your playing, this is an option. Gaming communities really do have that sense of community about them, as serious and frequent gamers have the chance to get to know each other, and form partnerships and even become enemies, of course only in the game form, in real life it is no such thing.

One area of the gaming industry that has really thrived with this sense of community is battle games. Battle and war games have so much baggage with them, that there is always something to talk to a fellow gamer about. Whether it be an attack strategy, or advice on which weapon to choose, or even general chat. But one things for certain, battle game users are the most active gamers of all, even more than sports gamers. This is why the gaming community in battle games is so huge compared to the rest of the many genres of games.

There is an online browser 3D game that is free to play and join up to, that took the gaming industry by storm called, “RuneScape”. RuneScape is set in a medieval fantasy world filled with warriors and monsters, it has hundreds of levels and kingdoms for your character to travel and battle in. RuneScape has possibly one of the largest known online gaming communities there is, as it has so many areas inside the game that people feel the need to talk with one and other about. It is a great thing to see, as people form partnerships, offer advice and improve the games smoothness. It has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest online gaming community and the most played online free browser game. It is much easier logging onto the internet and playing a game, rather than having to set up a console! You may also be able to find Free Runescape Accounts online.

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