Guide to be a Millionaire in Runescape

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All of you Runescape players have you seen those cool hally’s? The amazing rune armour! The dazzling abby whips! Stop thinking of how when I can tell you how you can! If you’re willing to give the time to read this article you can go to 85+ and 20M in 15 days! There are very few requirements to make millions and Runescape by just having a level 3 character.

Making Your First Few Thousand:The first thing you need is money. You need money to make money (sometimes). To make your first few thousand just to get started on your way to millions! You only need 5k to get millions! To make first few thousand if your a member pickpocket men and woman until 5k. But not many people who thrive for power are members.

One way is to kill the cows near Al-Kharid’s gate. Collect the hides and sell them from 20-30gp each. If your level 10+ and have the best armour and weapon you can have PK is the best way to make major sums of money.
First Hundred Thousand:After making your first thousand it’s easy making money after that. To make your first thousand you can use any of the methods up there and the ones im about to tell you. If you pked you could’ve made stats go up to use new weapons and armour use the money you just earned to upgrade and pk more.
Now if you want to train and make large money is killing cows and making them into hard or soft leather and sell them for 45-50gp ea. Sell them on the forums. Use this method “Selling add item here for how much your selling for buy over 100 get decreased offer”. Use that to make millions!

Looking to make quick money on Runescape cheaply? I have a way that made me 30k in 10 min. You’ve probably seen scams or hacks on the internet, but those are either risky or don’t work. This takes no money or level to start. Here is a legal, cheap way to make money. The only requirment is to have completed the rune mysteries quest.
You are going to become an air runner. Simply, you trade rune essence (25, un-noted) at the air temple for 2+k and rune essence (25, noted). Here’s how: First go to F2p (non- members) world 16(The official air-runners world). Now mine or buy 25 rune essence and find, buy, or otherwise acquire an air talisman or tiara. Next go to the eastern -most bank in Fallador. Wear either really light cloths, such as a leather body and chaps or wizzard’s clothes, or nothing, as you will need to run to make the most money. Now take the essence and talisman/tiara and run south from the bank out of fallador and to the air temple. Once in the temple, you will see a LOT of people. Look for one saying something along the lines of “Open! 2k and essence back” and then their name. They may also say Just open, or any variation of that. Trade with one of these (this may take a while, just keep trying) and immediately offer all of your essence. They will offer their money and 25 noted essence. Accept, go through the portal, and run north to the bank. Deposit the notes, take them out again as un-noted, and repeat. It costs you nothing because you get your essence back and is quicker than most other ways of getting money. There, now aren’t you glad you didn’t lose your account by hacking (or get agravated by trying fake hacks)?

Now, you are probably wondering how people can afford to pay 2k for 25 essence. Here’s how, in case this appeals to you. If someone has a high runecrafting level, they can create more than one rune per rune essence. The max is ten air per essence. So, if they need a LOT of air runes, they can mass produce them without running back and forth to the bank if they are a mage, or if they need experience they can sell the runes for ten gp each later and get most of their money back along with a LOT of experience. Many will run airs for a while in between crafting to raise money, then continue crafting. I personally don’t do it, because I don’t mage or runecraft, but it can help a lot of people.
Well, I hope this helped you get that extra gp you needed for that rune platebody,or those extra air runes you needed to kill that monster. Goodbye, and happy air running.

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