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A Tetris game can be relaxing and fun as well as practicing your logic and problem-solving skills too.
Tetris is a unique game for this. A Tetris game online is a great way to spend spare time when you have a few minutes or hours that you have nothing to do during.
Tetris game online is just like the usual Tetris that you used to play on the Nintendo Gameboy, though it is colored in more often. Sometimes, you will find a free Tetris game online that actually has themes like London Housing Council housing tetrads where you seem to try to “defeat” the London Housing Council from building a Council tower. This is how I make up the story for this particular game. When you get a tetrad that has council flats on its face, as these always will have at each time, you have to resist the urge to actually build the tower. That is not what you want to do; is to actually build the council flats. No, you want to take away as many flats tetrads as you can. The goal, in my mind’s story is take away as many council flats as you can by arranging the tetrads of flats to take them away from the tower before the tower begins to build up. If the London Housing Council tower is completed and the “space” locks up, you have built a Council tower and no, you didn’t want to do that. I will always remember this certain Tetris game online as it stood out to me because of the London Housing Council styled tetrads.
There are quite a few game sites and portals where you can get free games online to spend free time at and not have to download anything. These games are mostly flash games online. Most computers today usually run flash, so you can play these games even on a regular modern office computer. The computer should be about 5-6 years old at most for best results, Windows XP is a good starting operating system to run flash games just with the bare basics. Mac computers can run most flash games providing that the OS is not too old. I am not quite sure about mac computers offhand, but I believe they can play flash games too.
What is more, people are creating new flash games every day. Some flash game portals add a game or so every weekday so that you keep getting more flash games at these places daily.

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