6 Ways in Which Playing Rummy Online Makes You Sharper

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As strange as this sounds, this is true. When you are playing a game like Rummy, several skills are called for, some of which, include a reasonable memory, judging others moves and thinking-on-your feet abilities. You have to be able to concentrate on several things at once to be successful at the game. Though the cards that are dealt to you are based on chance, improving on the hand that you are dealt with to come up with a winning hand takes a lot of skill.
As many ardent players of this 13 card game will vouch, multitasking is an important aspect of playing Rummy. However the question arises as to how playing Rummy Online makes you sharper. Given below are a few points that tell you how:
The place: One of the most striking differences in playing Rummy Games with cards and online is that of the venue.While playing Rummy with cards, you generally have a dedicated place allocated for the game. This ensures the right atmosphere for concentrating on the game without any distractions. While playing online though one has the advantage of playing anywhere, the distractions are more, requiring more concentration on the player’s part. This helps the player to be able to deal with external factors as well as the demands of the game at the same time.
The people: Another difference in playing actual Rummy and Rummy Games Online is the group of people you are playing with. In actual Rummy, generally you have a known group of friends, with whom you play or at least get acquainted with, at the start of the game. Since you can see the faces of other players, you are aware of the changes in their facial expressions based on the situation, allowing you to base your game strategy on that. However while playing online you do not have the luxury of knowing and gleaning the reactions of fellow players leaving you to rely totally on your observations on the cards picked up by them from the open pile and the cards discarded by them.
The pace: The pace of the game when playing with friends is bound to be different from the pace of rummy online games. The pace of the physical game varying a lot, owing to the level of camaraderie among friends, breaks for refreshments and gossip sessions etc, providing breathing space to the player to collect his/ her thoughts and redefine the plan of action. Whereas in the online version the player will have to play at a constant speed allowing very little breathing space for prolonged planning or thinking.
Taking these factors into consideration, we can conclude that playing Online Rummy definitely contributes to sharpening a person’s thinking in the following:
Improves multitasking skillsHelps increase speedEnhances concentrationImproves ability to calculate odds quicklyMakes you think on your feet to reduce losses in case of an opponent declaring a winning hand too quicklyHelps develop an intuitive intelligence
It can be concluded that playing Online Rummy Games requires considerable skills to begin with and results in improving the strategic thinking skills of the players.

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