How Do You Find Out If You Are Addicted To Online Games

Online Gaming

When you access any kind of news source, whether it is online or on television or the printed media, there is always talk of addiction. People have always shown a tendency to be addicted to various things that include food, drink, other substances and sometimes even their habits. While some addictions like addiction to exercise or addiction to reading are considered good, for the most part the word addiction has a negative connotation.
With the increasing popularity of online games, the possibility of an addiction to playing online games has become a real possibility. Though there are many experts to tell you how to recognize the first sign of addiction, this article attempts to give you a layman’s guide to recognize the signs. Here are a few indications that you should look for:
Logging online to start playing is the first thing you do in the morning: This is a sure sign that you are letting the game overtake your life. This tendency could lead to your love of playing the game becoming an obsession.
You spend more time playing than on other activities: It is often found that people who are getting addicted to playing online games tend to neglect or pay very little attention to their work and other duties that are related to work and domestic life.
You tend to think of daily activities in game terms: This probably may seem like a humorous idiosyncrasy at first, but later on could lead to great harm. This is a sign that is often overlooked due to the fact that it seems rather cute at the beginning.
You are overspending on the game: Once again you are spending another precious resource apart from time – that is money, on the game. This is a sure sign that you are letting the game take over your life.
These are just some signs that are indicative of the beginnings of an addiction. One should always be alert for such signs in oneself as well as in near and dear ones.
Having talked about watching out for the signs of addiction, we should also add that certain game hosting sites like those sites that host rummy have taken some steps in this regard. It is a commendable step considering that Indian Rummy Online sites could benefit from more participation. However keeping in mind the larger good, these sites have in place a responsible gaming policy. What this policy does is tell players that they cannot play beyond a certain limit.
Crosschecks are put in place to ensure that customers do not go beyond their limits of playing rummy by creating multiple accounts. In fact rummy sites demand proof of identity and other proofs to substantiate a valid account before encouraging a player to play cash games. Age limits are also strictly implemented and followed to curb any misuse.
We can conclude that with an attempt to avoid getting addicted to games online, it is better to pick a skill based game like rummy. This is because the sites that host rummy have some measures in place to curb obsessive playing. It would also be prudent to always be on the lookout for signs of addiction so that it can be controlled at an early stage.

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