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Barbie is a favorite toys to most of girls, little girls. At least, they have ever wished to own a set of Barbie toys to play with and dress up for her following their interest. However, to own a set of Barbie toys is not easy because of its price. Not all girls can have it, so they come to dress up games to show their interest in decorating for a lot of Barbie girls in many different fields and aspects.
Dressing up and making up for Barbie girls is the hobby of many little girls. Now I will list some types of dress up games that kids like most:
1. Dress up for Barbie as a famous fashion model
For girls loving to become fashion models or loves new fashion trends and really want to dress up them for the first time and show in the catwalk, they can show their talent in games dressing up for beautiful Barbie as a model. Players can use the available function in the game like choosing clothes and accessories and making up for the model. After that, you can take photos to save the result you got. A lot of hairstyle, new fashion trends, unique accessories are included in the game ‘Barbie in magazine’. Let’s try playing and give your own feelings about that.
2. Dress up for Barbie to join in the night party
Which type of costumes and makeover we should have to take part in a party, especially in the night party, we need to be prominent among the crowd. Playing this game and decorating for the Barbie in game, you may receive the good suggestions for your costumes and makeover styles for your following night party. Besides, each games will be a story about Barbie girl and girls will have chance to experience and select the suitable costumes for the character in the game and of course, the selection will depend on your interests.
3. Pinky Barbie girls
Well, that is a type of game for all girl love pink color. Most of girls, especial little girls choose pink as their favorite color. They want all things around covered by pink from paint color, wall, furniture, bed, to their wardrobe, dresses, accessories, etc. Even, they also want their Barbie dolls have the pink things. So this is chance for the fans of pink, the dress up for pinky Barbie girls. In the game, as other dress up games, you will choose costumes and accessories for her. And maybe after that, you will have some things new with pink color. Enjoy the game and discover!
Three prominent dress up games about Barbie games above is chosen to play most. If you have not try playing them yet, you can open your computer, search for them and try playing them right now, wish you have a lot of fun. And if you are a fan of Barbie dolls and dress up games, can you give your suggestions about the other dress up games and share them to us?

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