Diablo 3 Guide Do You Really Need A Guide To Master Diablo 3

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Diablo 3 is the biggest online game since the mighty WOW and it already has a user base of over 6 million players. The game is absolutely massive and the game world can be daunting to a new player making it all too easy to get lost and lose track of the quests you are supposed to be following. Add to this the different classes to choose from and the different uprades and weapons then Diablo 3 can become more than confusing.
So do you need a Diablo 3 guide?
Well it depends on what you want from the game, if you are happy taking your time and exploring every inch of the world while others level up and get all the best gear, then no you do not need one. On the other hand if you are fed up of getting lost and losing track of your missions and fed up of seeing others players with millions of gold and all the best gear, then yes you need a Diablo 3 guide.
Are there any good Diablo 3 guides out there?
There are loads of them but f you are going to get one then look out for key points that make a great guide instead of an average or poor one. There are lots of free ones available at the like of gamefaqs or Ign but these are just your bog standard basic diablo walkthroughs. The best guides are written by players who have been involved since beta and know the game inside out.
What is the best Diablo 3 guide?
That is down to personal choice but the best have written and video guides, most guides out there are just text and I for one find these boring and hard to follow. A video guide to diablo 3 is great, it is so easy to follow because you actualy see what you have to do and this makes it so much easier to follow.
In short the choice is yours, if you want to explore the game and take in every detail then a guide may not br for you but if you want to be seen as one of the top players with tons of gold and all the best stuff then a Diablo 3 Guide is a must.

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