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In each adventure film, there must be a plot. There is a precious artifacts. Each one wants to get it. In order to get it, people would love to use any way including doing something illegal. But there also a hero. He is perfect and his task is to get precious artifacts. He meet many difficulties and he have to fight with bad guys. At last, he get it. In daily life, this kind of adventure games are also attractive. In this passage, I will introduce a famous adventure game named Temple Run. Now let us start a dangerous adventure. The story happens in a modern city with buildings. You are a trained man.
There are secret keys and bags on the top of buildings You must run fast and jump up to collect as many keys and bags as possible, but it is not easy, because there are many obstacles. You must make sure that you can not drop off from the buildings. Your way is not so flat that you can reach the destination once. There are some branches which have not exit. In this moment, you have to go back and find another roads. Sometimes, there are some higher parts, you must try your best to jump over it or you can not go continuously. Sometimes the keys are too high to get. There are some tools which you can borrow it.
Sometimes the bags hanging on the secret places. You must observe your surroundings and try your best to get it. Each trained man has to get a certain amount of keys and bags. Only your collections get to the limited number, you can enter into the next level. As the level up, your training become more difficult. You have to face the crucial training. But as the level up, you become more and more strong. Actually, Temple Run is a game for the iPhone and it become famous rapidly. Many people hope that it will be ported onto Android and for the personal computer. Actually it is only the matter of time. Before it is released, this version will give you similar experience. Now it has already attract many people.
Why dose it become so popular? First, it can arouse people’s desire for challenging. When people meet some difficulties, most of them choose to face it, because they think there is no difficulty can beat down them. In this game, there are uncountable difficulties and finishing a task is not so easy. Once people start, they want to know what will happen next. Playing this game people need to keep thinking and it can exercise people’s ability of observation and reaction. It is a fact that not every can get the destination completely, but every one believes that they will be the winner. Temple Run Online gives you special experience of playing games. You can not become the winner easily, but if you keep trying, you must be the winner at last.

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