Is Megyn Kelly Married

6 min read Jun 27, 2024
Is Megyn Kelly Married

Is Megyn Kelly Married? Exploring the Life and Love of a Powerful Media Personality

Megyn Kelly, a prominent figure in the world of television news and commentary, has captivated audiences with her sharp wit, insightful analysis, and fearless questioning. But beyond her professional life, many are curious about her personal life, especially her marital status. So, is Megyn Kelly married?

Yes, Megyn Kelly is married. She is currently married to Douglas Brunt, a successful entrepreneur and author. Their relationship has been the subject of much interest, with their love story unfolding amidst Kelly's rise to fame. Let's delve deeper into their relationship and explore the key aspects of their lives together.

A Love Story Amidst Public Scrutiny: The Tale of Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt

Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt met in 2013, a time when Kelly was a rising star at Fox News. Brunt, a successful entrepreneur and author, had a background in technology and was already known for his entrepreneurial ventures. Their connection was instant, and they quickly found themselves falling in love.

Their love story wasn't without its challenges. Kelly's career as a news anchor thrust her into the public eye, with her opinions and analysis often generating controversy. Despite the intense scrutiny, Kelly and Brunt remained committed to their relationship, finding strength in each other's support and understanding.

The Wedding and Family Life: A Blend of Professional Success and Personal Happiness

In 2016, Kelly and Brunt exchanged vows in a private ceremony in a beautiful setting in the Hamptons. The wedding was a celebration of their love and commitment, bringing together family and close friends.

Since their marriage, Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt have built a strong and loving family. They have three children together, a testament to their commitment to both their careers and their family.

A Look at Douglas Brunt: The Man Behind the Successful Media Personality

While Megyn Kelly's name is widely recognized, her husband, Douglas Brunt, is also a successful figure in his own right. Brunt is the CEO of The Software Group, a leading technology company. He is also the author of several novels, showcasing his literary talent and diverse interests.

Brunt's background in technology and entrepreneurship provides a different perspective to Kelly's career in media. Together, they form a dynamic duo, supporting each other's ambitions and navigating the complexities of their respective fields.

A Lasting Bond: The Key to Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt's Success

Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt's relationship is a testament to the power of shared values, mutual respect, and unwavering support. Their love story shows that even amidst the pressures of public life, a strong and loving bond can thrive.

Here's a table summarizing key facts about Megyn Kelly and Douglas Brunt's relationship:

Feature Detail
Met: 2013
Married: 2016
Children: 3
Douglas Brunt's profession: CEO of The Software Group, Author
Megyn Kelly's profession: Journalist, News Anchor, Author


Megyn Kelly is indeed married to Douglas Brunt, a successful entrepreneur and author. Their relationship is a testament to the strength of love and mutual support, even in the face of public scrutiny and demanding careers. Through their journey together, they have built a strong family and demonstrated the power of commitment and shared values.