Jacinda Barrett In Suits

5 min read Jun 27, 2024
Jacinda Barrett In Suits

The Rise of Jacinda Barrett in Suits: A Look at Her Character and Impact

Jacinda Barrett joined the cast of Suits in its second season, playing the role of Jenna, a paralegal who quickly became a fan favorite. While her time on the show was relatively short, Jenna left a lasting impression on viewers, thanks to Jacinda's nuanced portrayal and the character's dynamic with other characters.

Jenna's Journey: From Paralegal to Partner?

Jenna began as a bright-eyed and ambitious paralegal, eager to prove herself at Pearson Specter Litt. While she faced initial challenges due to her lack of experience, Jenna quickly demonstrated her intelligence, dedication, and ability to learn quickly.

Here's a brief overview of her journey:

  • Season 2: Jenna joined the firm and was assigned to work alongside Harvey Specter. She faced some initial struggles, particularly with Harvey's demanding nature. However, she eventually proved her worth by solving a crucial case.
  • Season 3: Jenna played a significant role in Harvey's success, and her professionalism and competence were evident. She even helped Harvey win a case against a rival firm.
  • Season 4: Jenna continued to be a valuable asset to the firm, demonstrating her ability to handle complex legal matters. She was also a source of support for Harvey, providing him with insightful advice and perspectives.
  • Jenna's Departure: In Season 4, Jenna unexpectedly left the firm to pursue a different opportunity. While her departure was abrupt, it was a natural progression for her character, highlighting the ambitious nature she had always shown.

Jacinda Barrett's Impact on Suits

Jacinda Barrett's portrayal of Jenna resonated with viewers due to her genuine and relatable performance. She brought depth to a seemingly minor character, showcasing Jenna's intelligence, resilience, and ambition.

Here's a breakdown of her impact:

  • Jenna's Relationship with Harvey: Jenna's relationship with Harvey was particularly noteworthy. While they started off on a rocky footing, they developed a strong professional bond built on mutual respect and understanding. Jenna became a trusted confidante to Harvey, challenging his thinking and offering a different perspective.
  • Jenna's Influence on Other Characters: Beyond Harvey, Jenna also had a positive influence on other characters, particularly Rachel Zane, who looked up to Jenna's professional skills and dedication.
  • Jenna's Impact on the Series: Jenna's presence in Suits provided a refreshing perspective on the legal world, showcasing the importance of paralegals and their contribution to the success of lawyers.


While Jenna's time in Suits was short, her impact was significant. Jacinda Barrett's performance brought a new dimension to the show, showcasing the complexities of a young, ambitious paralegal navigating the challenging world of corporate law.

Jenna's journey in Suits serves as a reminder that even seemingly minor characters can make a lasting impression, leaving a mark on the audience and contributing to the overall success of a show.